From the napkin to the tablecloth via the apron, discover our range of table linen 100% made in France. Luxury invites itself to your table for a "French Art de la Table".

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By definition, table linen is a set of pieces of linen used when making meals or when eating them. The Art of the Table à la française requires knowing how to match the linen to your interior as well as to your crockery or your cutlery.

What is table linen?

Table linen is a concept in its own right in the art of the table. It is a piece of fabric that finds its use on the table but also in the kitchen. Some therefore clearly distinguish between these two concepts.

Kitchen linen is linen that is used in the kitchen area such as aprons and tea towels.
The table cloth has really become a daily and versatile tool. If its first function is to wipe the dishes, it is also used to clean the worktop, table, sometimes the damage done on the ground, even the windows or any other surface.
The apron can be used by individuals as well as professionals. Wear it to avoid staining your clothes when you're behind the stove.

Table linen is intended to dress your table! It therefore concerns the tablecloth, the napkins, the placemats and the table runner. If you match all these elements correctly, your table will be magnificent and ideal for offering a convivial moment around a good meal.

The importance of table linen in tableware

To set a table with table linen is to combine business with pleasure. If the tablecloth, placemats and table runner have protection as their primary function, they can really give a significant aesthetic asset to your interior and make your meal all the more warm.

Napkins are more present to "repair broken pots". They are not there to protect you but to wipe your hands or mouth so that they can stay clean throughout the meal.

Kitchen linen is a must. The kitchen apron is very useful if you care about your clothes! in some people it is not used at all (and wrongly), in others it is only used during certain preparations and then put away afterwards and in others it is even displayed proudly!

The tea towel is an item that usually stays in view of anyone entering your kitchen. Today the kitchen has become a must where there is usually a lot of traffic. Thus, choosing a tea towel is almost choosing a decorative element that is displayed in your interior.

How to choose your table linen?

According to need

The kitchen linen and especially the table linen are chosen first of all according to your tastes, but also to the event. For everyday life we will like more sobriety while for the end-of-year celebrations it is possible to dare to do different and more original things.
Tea towels and aprons are very good gifts: useful, beautiful, original and both feminine and masculine.


To choose the material of the tea towel, it is above all a question of taste but different factors also come into play.

Cotton VS Linen

The biggest advantage of these 2 materials is the fact that maintenance is easy and that they are natural and ecological fibers.


Cotton is very durable and pleasant to the touch. It is also hypoallergenic: perfect for sensitive skin! It is also an absorbent fabric: up to 8.5% of its weight in water. Finally, its price is affordable.


It is an ultra-ecological vegetable fiber because its cultivation requires extremely little water and fertilizer. In addition, linen is also very resistant because the more it is washed, the more it gives a feeling of softness. It has a great absorption capacity and is not even afraid of humidity. The fabric wrinkles very easily but remains elegant.


To choose the design of your table linen, first think about the dimensions so that they are adapted to your use. It is then necessary to think about the decoration of your house to choose the most suitable color. Do not hesitate to dare patterns or designs if you like. The key is to match the household linen to all the rest of the tableware.

Les Artisans du Couteau' selection

Les Artisans du Couteau offer you a range of top-of-the-range table linen to dress your table. We make it a point of honor to offer you French-made linen. On the one hand, it means supporting and promoting French jobs, but it also means benefiting from exceptional quality!

Here, we offer large tea towels that have a very good absorption capacity. In a very chic and elegant style or in a more caricatural style. The quality will remain impeccable whatever your choice.

To meet our quality requirements, we have chosen two exceptional industries: Charvet Editions and Vivaraise.

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