As a renowned knife, the Laguiole knife is undoubtedly the most popular French knife, and one of the most famous in the world. Its timeless line, its sharp blade and its incomparable style have reached the hearts of esthetes and those of art and knives lovers throughout the world.

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Made mainly in France in Thiers in Puy de Dôme and in Laguiole in Aveyron, the Laguiole knife proudly carries French know-how to your tables. Discover three tips for finding your exceptional Laguiole knife.

What is a Laguiole knife?

Previously, the inhabitants of Aubrac only had one knife, the capuchadou, a knife with a straight and pointed blade. It was only in the 19th century that seasonal workers brought the navaja knife from Catalonia. Thus was born the Laguiole, a clever combination of the navaja and the capuchadou. From the former, it took the shape of the blade, and from the latter, it borrowed the handle. Since then, the Thiernois and Aveyronnais cutlers have never stopped perfecting it to elevate it to the rank of exceptional knife. The most remarkable evolution is undoubtedly the motif adorned by the Laguiole on the fly which is most often a bee that has become the emblem of the Laguiole knife's reputation, a plethora of other motifs can be present on a Laguiole, such as those from certain regions or other particularities as found, for example, on hunting Laguiole knives.

Characteristics of the Laguiole knife

The Laguiole knife comes in several versions, some with fixed blades while others fold easily to fit in your pockets, and there are countless versions or sizes. Handles also come in a variety of materials such as wood, horn, graphite, leather, or ABS to personalize the Laguiole handle, while the blade can be made of raw steel, carbon, shiny, satin or raw-looking, or even perfected to become a Damascus blade or guilloched. Under the skilled hands of our cutlers, the steel is meticulously worked using traditional methods to sometimes give birth to an exceptional Laguiole knife. Each knife is made following the tradition so dear to the cutlers who make it, making each artisanal Laguiole knife a unique piece, a true work of art. This goldsmith's work results in a Laguiole knife that is lightweight, sturdy, durable, and with impeccable aesthetics worthy of the greatest salons. Men and women will be delighted with our handmade Laguiole knives. Stamped, numbered, and supplied with a certificate of authenticity, Laguiole knives crafted by our artisans are not afraid of shocks and even less so of the ravages of time.

3 criteria for choosing a Laguiole knife

Given its rapid success, many knives designated as Laguioles have emerged. Among them, many are not Laguioles or of dubious quality. To be sure to find your Laguiole knife, follow these 3 tips:

Beware of low prices

Every Laguiole knife made according to the tradition of our French artisans is handmade by a qualified cutler, often responsible for ancestral methods. Thus, it is unlikely that a Laguiole artisanal knife would be sold for ten euros on a market.

The bee

The bee allows you to determine the quality of the knife. It can be a quality guarantee in itself: if it is welded over the fly, be careful. On the other hand, if it is forged, the knife in front of you is very likely an artisanal Laguiole or made in France.

The manufacturer's logo

At the knife makers' workshop, each piece is supplied with a clear indication of its original cutlery, and so on

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