This section is dedicated to knives from the Auvergne region, since there is a large number of them.

Firstly, Le Thiers knife is the most famous knife since its trademark is registered by the capital of cutlery. We invite you to discover our subcategory which is dedicated to it.

For instance, the Yssingeaux knife and its ancestor the Cinq Coqs, the Salers knife, the Ardèchois knife, the Arvergne knife. There are also those from the nearby region of Cantal: the Aurillac and the Sanflorain knives, the Coursolles knife, the Donjon de l’Allier knife, the Douk-douk one from the Puy de Dôme, the French knife, the Issoire knife, and the Saint-Martin knife from the Massif Central region. A few models from the Alps or the Savoie region are related to transhumance, with wooden or horn handles for the most part, and known for their sturdiness. They all have a story to tell, such as the St Bernard knife.

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