Discover our elegant cutlery collection crafted for seafood and shellfish enthusiasts. Refined designs and exceptional quality to complement your maritime meals. Explore our selection of cutlery specially designed to elevate your culinary experience.



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Welcome to the world of culinary elegance with Les Artisans du Couteau. Explore our cutlery dedicated to seafood, where the perfect blend of sophisticated design and exceptional functionality transforms every tasting into a memorable moment. Dive into our exclusive sets of oyster cutlery and fish knives, carefully selected to elevate your culinary experience. Assert your style, discover exceptional designs, and immerse yourself in the art of table setting with our distinctive collection.

Oyster Cutlery

The Elegance of Oyster Cutlery: Explore Our Refined Selection

Discover a realm where elegance seamlessly combines with functionality through our exclusive sets of oyster cutlery. As passionate retailers, we offer a variety of choices to enhance your oyster tastings. Whether you prefer to indulge individually with our Single Fork, providing a precise and elegant experience, or share these moments with loved ones through our Fork Set, each piece is an invitation to conviviality. Our Oyster Knife, equipped with a precise blade and ergonomic handle, becomes the indispensable tool for effortlessly opening shells, creating a secure and enjoyable experience. Opt for our Complete Kit, featuring a premium Oyster Knife and six matching Forks, ideal for special occasions or group meals. At Les Artisans du Couteau, as attentive retailers, each product is carefully selected to enrich your culinary experience and transform every oyster tasting into a memorable moment.

Elegant and Functional Designs for a Sophisticated Table

Explore our collection of oyster cutlery and immerse yourself in a variety of designs and materials carefully chosen to add an exceptional touch to your culinary experience. As passionate retailers, we offer handles in wood or ABS in chic colors such as ivory, black, or stainless steel. The Timeless Laguiole Cutlery, witnesses to artisanal craftsmanship, showcase a traditional Laguiole design with a welded fly on the handle for a classic and timeless aesthetic. Choose our Laguiole Country for a more rustic look with its imposing format ensuring a robust and comfortable grip.

Customize your set by choosing from a selection of forks, oyster knives, or opt for a combination of both. As retailers focused on quality, aesthetics, and diversity, we encourage you to mix and match to create your unique oyster kit. At Les Artisans du Couteau, each tasting becomes a unique and personalized experience with our outstanding collection of oyster cutlery, carefully selected to cater to all tastes and needs. Assert your style and elevate your culinary moments with our passion for excellence.

Perfect Cut, Perfect Design: Our Fish Knives

Exceptional Use: Fish Knives Enhancing Your Seafood Tastings

Discover our kits and cutlery dedicated to seafood platters, where the exceptional use of fish knives elevates your marine tastings. These specific cutlery pieces are carefully designed to provide a precise cutting experience, making each tasting an unforgettable moment. Whether savoring a delicately smoked salmon slice or cutting a tender cod fillet, our fish knives are designed to adapt to all types of fish. They become indispensable partners for your meals, ensuring a perfect cut that preserves the quality and texture of each bite.

Elegant Design for a Festive Touch: Elevate All Your Gourmet Meals

Explore our collection of kits and cutlery for seafood platters, and immerse yourself in a world where elegant design adds a festive touch to all your gourmet meals. From the traditional Timeless Laguiole to sets in natural nacrine, each fish knife is chosen for its refined aesthetic and ergonomic handle. These masterpieces, created with high-quality materials such as ivory, black, or stainless steel, embody exceptional artisanal craftsmanship. Add a touch of elegance to your table and create a festive atmosphere for all special occasions or simply to brighten your everyday meals.

At Les Artisans du Couteau, our selection of kits and cutlery for seafood platters combines exceptional use with elegant design, for memorable tastings and a refined table.

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