A selection of our chic Laguiole cutlery with Ivory or Nacrine tones, thanks to which you can decorate a refined à la française table! Enjoy yourself and match your table with all the necessary accessories and utensils, from cutlery to services, by way of service or cutting items, and cheese knives. The pleasure to compose an elegant table with a so Frenchie shape and an artisanal style.


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Ivory Cutlery for an Elegant Table Setting!

Having ivory cutlery on your table invites the elegance it deserves! Apart from the elegance, there is also a certain softness that emanates from them. It also provides a very appreciable natural aspect. They will definitely leave an impression on your guests. So go ahead and indulge in these ivory and mother-of-pearl beauties that will enhance your tables. We have a wide selection available, including forks, knives, small and large spoons with mother-of-pearl or ivory handles.

Handcrafted Ivory and Mother-of-Pearl Cutlery

At Les Artisans du Couteau, our entire catalog is artisanally crafted. In addition to being handmade by artisans, everything is made in France, resulting in high-quality products. Unique-style table cutlery is available for you to enjoy. Each piece has its own design specificity, allowing everyone to find the one that suits them. No detail is left to chance in the hands of our artisans!

The Versatility of Ivory Cutlery: Elegance for Every Occasion

Ivory cutlery adapts perfectly to all occasions, whether it's a formal dinner, a family meal, or a special gathering. Their versatility allows them to shine on any table, adding an undeniable touch of elegance.

Ivory Cutlery: Superior Quality and Natural Beauty

Our ivory cutlery is crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and resistance. The ivory and mother-of-pearl used in their production offer incomparable natural beauty. Each piece is meticulously shaped to create exceptionally high-quality cutlery that will delight enthusiasts of elegance.

Practical and Enjoyable Ivory Cutlery

Our ivory cutlery is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical for everyday use. They are easy to maintain and dishwasher-safe, providing simple and convenient cleaning. Moreover, their well-thought-out ergonomics offer a comfortable grip, ensuring a pleasant culinary experience with every meal.

Make Your Choice at Les Artisans du Couteau!

A wide range of products is available to you here. Whatever piece you desire, you will find it in this category. From classic table cutlery to the 9.47 knife, dessert fork, oyster knife, or even the ivory cake server. And if you are looking for an ivory handle cutlery set, we can fulfill your needs. Don't wait any longer!

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