Do you want to decorate your table with wooden cutlery? Les Artisans du Couteau has selected some just for you! Indeed a nice range of artisanal products is offered to you. Quality, French manufacturing and many wood species are found there. Discover our category now.


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The natural charm of wooden cutlery

Wooden cutlery brings its charm to a table. We appreciate them as much for their warm and natural aesthetics as for their solidity and durability. If you are looking for cutlery with character, wood is undoubtedly the most suitable solution. All cutlery in this category is cutlery with a wooden handle, the rest of the cutlery is made of stainless steel.

Why choose wooden cutlery?

We choose these wooden cutlery foremost for their aesthetics. They have a unique look. If you want to invite naturalness and authenticity to your table, this is the material for you. In addition, they are timeless and will always be able to make their small impression on a table. In addition to their appearance, they are also solid, however, for the most part, the dishwasher is to be avoided so as not to damage the handle.

Choose high-end wooden cutlery

Choosing the right wooden cutlery is essential to ensure that the quality is there. Indeed, you will be required to use them regularly, so invest in durable and resistant cutlery even after multiple uses. The choice of an artisanal and French wooden handle cutlery is certainly the most judicious in this case. The rendering will be all the more beautiful and the solidity at the rendezvous.

How to choose wooden handle cutlery?

To choose them, you have several factors to keep in mind:

  • The type of wood: There are a multitude of wood species in our selection. It all depends on your personal taste. Boxwood, olive wood, maple wood, juniper wood, ebony, teak, exotic wood, walnut...
  • The design: both in terms of shape and color, the possibilities are numerous, again it all depends on the aesthetics you are looking for. Rather straight or curved? Rather dark wood or light wood? Rather modern or traditional? It's up to you according to your preferences.
  • The type of cover: what are you looking for? Table knives? Or a set of table cutlery with forks and spoons? Do not hesitate to consult our wooden cutlery sets as well.
  • The price: There are prices at all prices, depending on your budget. It is possible to find cheap cutlery with quality wood. We are thinking, for example, of the knife Opinel and its pretty wooden handle colorful.

Wide range for your table at Les Artisans du Couteau

Thirty products are in this category: something to enjoy! We are particularly fond of Nontron cutlery, recognizable by the pyrography on the handle. You will also find, among other things, Opinel table knives. Because yes, the famous Opinel is also invited to the table. We love its simplicity, its low price and its trendy colors. We also let you admire the rest of this category in search of the wooden cutlery that suits you!

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