Are you starting to equip your kitchen or would you like to change your table cutlery? You are at the right place at Les Artisans du Couteau. There is a wide range of styles thanks to all the models we offer you. Live your passion for the Art of the Table and compose your cutlery collection. You shall enjoy your family lunches and your various events with the greatest refinement. 


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High-end cutlery to enhance your table

The cutlery allows all the guests to enjoy their dishes. Forks, spoons and knives compose them. At Les Artisans du Couteau, they are available individually or in a box. You will find them in different sizes and unique styles. We ensure that all tastes are satisfied with our selection.

Table cutlery suitable for any occasion

The single cutlery that we provide is worthy of large receptions. However, their use is not limited there. You can also use it for your everyday meals. With the models offered by our store, subtlety will come to your home on a daily basis as well as on special occasions.

Ergonomics above all

To earn your trust, we are interested in the ergonomics of our products. As a family or with your guests, you can feel comfortable tasting the different preparations. The covered service provided by us is distinguished by its practicality and ease of handling.

Traditional and contemporary table cutlery models

Do you prefer classic, timeless décor? We have several models of stainless steel cutlery to offer you. Their luxurious side will bring out your style of interior decoration.

More refined and authentic designs are also available. With the

Des designs plus épurés et authentiques sont aussi disponibles. Avec les couverts bois & corne, nous insistons sur les manches pour marquer la différence de chaque set de couvert.

, we insist on the handles to mark the difference of each cutlery set.

The styles are also marked by an alliance of materials and colors. On stainless steel, for example, olive wood or natural nacrine can be added. Discover the different choices of models in our ivory and mother-of-pearl cutlery category.

Likewise, our color cutlery collection is at your disposal. You will find them in several shades including brown, white and green.

The importance of choosing cutlery

You have decided on the design of the glasses and the tableware ? It's time to think about the cutlery to finalize the tableware.

Quality assured with our service cutlery

The choice of cutlery series goes through the determination of their material. Forks or spoons of dubious quality can give off aftertaste to your dishes. By buying from our store, you are betting on excellence. The components of our cutlery are carefully selected. Our table cutlery being resistant, you can maintain them easily.

The elegance that embellishes your table

In addition to their practical side, the designer cutlery completes the presentation of the dishes served. Each room must match your decorating style. Your guests can thus appreciate the harmony that emanates from your table.

At Les Artisans du Couteau, we combine aesthetics and robustness. We provide you with forks, spoons and knives that are made to last.

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