Kill two birds with one stone and treat yourself with an artisanal Laguiole sommelier knife. Enjoy the Laguiole line, its timeless shape which has made it so famous. Its handmade finishing is essential to obtain perfect sharpness and its handle equipped with a corkscrew is very handy.

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What is a sommelier knife?

Everything is in the name. The sommelier knife is a 2-in-1 knife that serves both as a knife and a corkscrew. It is sometimes called a waiter's knife. It is versatile, practical and handcrafted. It looks like a classic knife, but its specificity lies in its handle, which is equipped with a corkscrew. It is a folding knife with a blade and corkscrew that can be folded. It is easy to slip into a case, pocket or bag to take with you wherever you go.

An artisanal sommelier knife

At Les Artisans du Couteau, all of our products are handcrafted in France. The corkscrew knife is no exception. From the handle to the blade, including the corkscrew spiral, everything is made by skilled craftsmen whose expertise is beyond doubt. The quality of this artisanal work is reflected in every detail of the sommelier knife. It is not just a simple tool, it is a true jewel of ingenuity and the result of precise craftsmanship.

The Laguiole sommelier knife

Combine French artisanal craftsmanship and the features of a Laguiole knife and you get a sophisticated and high-end Laguiole corkscrew knife. We love the slightly curved line that is characteristic of the bee brand, which gives it a unique and incomparable style.

The size of the artisanal Laguiole sommelier knife generally ranges from 21.5 to 22 cm when opened and deployed. It comes in a multitude of first-choice wood handles, horns with rough or polished appearances, with a non-locking blade mechanism.

Using your corkscrew knife properly

As you may have guessed, the sommelier knife has two functions: corkscrew and knife. To open your wine bottle, use it like a classic corkscrew. Simply insert the spiral into the middle of the cork. Once it is sufficiently inserted into the cork, use the handle of the knife as a lever to pull and uncork your bottle and enjoy your wine. Of course, when using it in this way, make sure that the blade is properly folded to avoid accidents. You can then use the blade like any other knife to cut your food.

Many people keep their knife with them all day, so having a sommelier version that can open a bottle at noon is useful. The Laguiole sommelier knife is the knife to take with you on hikes, picnics with friends or family, your useful partner!

We now invite you to browse our lovely selection of artisanal Laguiole sommelier knives made in France!

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